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Annie’s World | Gold in the Days of Summer: A Novella

Annie’s World

It's been three years since we got to know Annie during her tumultuous summer of 1979. Three years since we first met her neighbor–a reclusive young veteran at war with his own past. Now, the soldier is back in a prominent role in "The Last Letter." Written as a series of letters between 1999 and 2003, "The Last Letter: A Novel" is a classic coming-of-age tale about Lia Lenelli, a teenage girl struggling to shape her own identity while a chronic illness threatens to tear her world apart.
he summer of 1979 should have been a magical time of panning for gold in the creek and catching fireflies in a jar. Instead, nothing is turning out the way 12 year old Annie expected: her best friend is away at camp, Connor Bartlett barely notices her anymore, and her parents and sister, trying to protect her from the reality of her grandmother's illness, only seem to further isolate her. Desperate to find a sense of meaning in an ever-changing world, Annie turns to an unlikely confidant: a rec
On the Blog: Author's Spotlight ~ Gold in the Days of Summer: A Novella by Susan Pogorelski. Stop by and say hello to this amazing author and learn about her novella.
Twelve-year-old Annie navigates the crossroads of young adulthood during the summer of 1979 in this coming-of-age tale about the friendships we form and the memories we keep. ​ Children's Fiction Finalist, 2015 International Book Awards Children's Category Winner, 2014 International Rubery Book Award
Yep, being a pre teen is difficult. And when you’re grandma is dying, it’s no fun. Especially if you don’t have your bestie around to help you through the ordeal. I love coming of age stories because it makes you grateful to be an adult.
Susan Pogorzelski - "It was like adults had their own little world that we weren't allowed to be a part...". change, growing-up
Susan Pogorzelski - "I think about how maybe it's not things that change but people that change, and maybe...". change, growing-up, identity
Ava's not going to summer camp this year, which secretly makes me happy. I wonder if I can get her to try this on my hair.
Ava and Julie McCarson and I went to McDonalds after school today for fries. C.B. and his friends were there, too, and somehow they ended up sitting with us.
Someday I want to go to NYC and see all the museums and eat hot dogs from a cart on the street. Just to say I ate a hot dog from a cart on the street.
When I was really little, I told my dad I wanted to fly airplanes. Then I learned all about Amelia Earhart and decided I'd be better off sticking with my bike.
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Ava and I are entering the contest...Because it's a "Super Contest," so it must be good...right?
Connor and his brothers got an Atari for Christmas. Their parents said that's their Christmas and Birthday present for the next year. I don't think I'd like that very much. Connor asked if I wanted to come over and play and it was fun. I liked the puzzle games the best. It's weird to think of having arcade games in your house, though.
I went ice skating today with Ava and Audrey and Audrey's friend, Lisa Ann. I briefly wondered if I could convince Mom to let me take skating lessons instead of ballet, and then I could learn how to do turns and jumps and win medals like Dorothy Hamill... I'm not Dorothy Hamill. I think I'm sticking with ballet.
C.B. gave me a Superman Valentine this year.
Summer shoes!
These look like Audrey's shoes. She never gets hers dirty.
These look like my sneakers! Except, my sneakers have grass stains on them and mud streaks and torn laces and, actually, these don't look at all like my shoes.
I wonder if Mom will let me get red sneakers for school this year...
I always wanted a basket on the front of my bike. Julie McCarson has one on hers...
Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom gave us the game Simon for Christmas this year. I was the best at it. Dad said it was because of my sharp memory. Mom's quizzing me on vocab words with flashcards tonight. I can't remember any of them. Maybe my memory needs sharpening.
Ava and I went to see "Pete's Dragon" in the theater last year. Connor and his brothers were there, too, sitting four rows behind us. I don't think he saw us and if he did, he never said anything. Which is a good thing, because Ava and I left the theater in tears. Ava's not a dragon and she's not invisible, but she's my best friend and I can't ever imagine saying goodbye to her.
Audrey got a new bike for Christmas last year and I got my portable record player. Mom says not to expect anything big this year, and I saw her come home the other day with a shopping bag of clothes that she wouldn't let me look at. I know what we're getting this year.