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"What a amazing book. I cried through parts of this book, something I never do. But it so reminded me of times in my life when things changed in a big way forever and it reminded me of all the sweet times with my own grandmother."

Amazon Review

"Do you recall the hot, lazy days of summer vaction: playing in the creek, panning for gold, riding bikes, catching fireflies, the awkwardness of a first kiss, realizing that life is all about change? This book transports you back to those moments in time and makes you remember the magic of youth."

Amazon Review

"As I was reading this book, I realized that I could relate to so many of the female characters. Our heroine, Annie is twelve going on thirteen and I remember those years in my life. Her mom and aunt are dealing with their mother's failing health and dementia or Alzheimer's, and I know that feeling as a daughter. I've also been the best friend as friendships shifted over the years. In my experience, it's rare to find a book that touches me on so many levels.

I had an extra copy to share with my 17-year old granddaughter. Now that I've finished the book, I'll be nudging her to finish it too. And I'm nudging you as well!"

GoodReads Review

"I love this novella partly for the excellent and descriptive writing, partly for the plot, and mostly for the main character, Annie. I found Annie to be one of the easiest characters to relate to in any literature I've read (and I studied English/literature for 6 years). In fact, parts of this piece hit a little too close to home for me, and there were several times in the last third of the book where I simply had to put it down for a couple days because it has such a raw emotional power for me that it literally brings tears to my eyes. (It wasn't too long ago that I dealt with a situation similar to Annie's.) Very few books have ever had that effect on me, and that speaks volumes about the talent Susan Pogorzelski has as a writer. I highly recommend this book -- it presents a very poignant perspective on the kinds of change that we all have to deal with in our own way."

GoodReads Review

"A beautiful coming of age novel. I loved Annie. I knew Annie. I was Annie."

GoodReads Review

"I really liked this one a lot! It takes place during the summer of 1979 during a time when life was simple, families spent mealtime together, neighborhood kids played games like Capture the Flag (or in my case, Snatch the Bacon). This book brought back many, many good memories for me.

Annie is 12 going on 13 the summer that this takes place. She is trying to hold onto her life and memories as she knows them, but things are changing as they always do. Her longtime friend and neighbor, Connor is acting different towards her, her neighbor who is a Vietnam vet and Annie become unlikely good friends, carrying on pretty mature (but appropriate) conversations and she learns a lot from him. Her grandmother is in a nursing home after breaking her hip but Annie's parents don't want to take her to visit because she has Alzheimer's and Annie's parents don't want her to have to experience the grandmother she loves not knowing who she is anymore.

SHOES: they become almost a character in the story as Annie has gotten new sneakers but prefers her old, stained ones, because they are symbolic of her past and of holding on to what she knows and keeping things the same, until one day things happen and she realizes that there is no way things will stay the same because things in life do change and it's inevitable."

GoodReads Review

"I don't know what I expected when I started reading this, but it certainly wasn't sobbing at least once in every two chapters. And yet that's what I got.

It's a hot, sticky summer here and I've been in a melancholy mood lately, so, wow, some parts of this hit hard. In a good way, though. Now brb, I think I need to cry some more."

GoodReads Review

"When you are 12 years old, the summer holiday from school seems to last forever .. What I enjoyed about this book was you could really relate to the main characters' outlook and feelings .. both as she was growing up and changing, and how factors that changed around her were suddenly affecting her life as she had known it. What was so important to her at the start of the holiday, seemed to be so pointless just a few short weeks later .. We have all been Annie at some point ."

GoodReads Review

"Excellent characterization. A very close to real life portrayal of people and events, done without any unnecessary drama or cliches."

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